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About The Tonewood


Francis Guitar Repair recently had the opportunity of purchasing a reserve of 40 year-old Tonewood, originally imported and sawn for the Gurian guitar factory in New Hampshire.  The collection comes from Jon Hicks, who was the sawyer responsible for processing Gurian’s wood, and whose brother worked at the factory.

These hand-selected logs of Indian Rosewood and Honduran Mahogany were prepared as backs and sides. (Sold).  A limited quantity of Sitka Spruce tops from Alaska are still available, as are Honduran Mahogany neck blanks.

If you are in the New England area, and wish to set up an appointment to view any pieces of this collection, please use our “Contact” page.  With sufficient prior notice, the collection can be brought to your Luthier club or Association meeting.

If you are outside of the New England Area, and have a serious inquiry, please use the “Contact” page to express your interest.  Additional photos can be provided.  Shipping is entirely at the buyer’s expense.


We do our best to update these pages as pieces are sold.  We apologize if something has already been sold, but has not yet been marked as such.

Honduran Mahogany Neck Blanks

Sitka Spruce Tops



All pieces are sold as-is.

CITES regulations prevent us from shipping this wood outside of the United States.  For those who wish to import or export instruments made from this wood, signed statements are available upon purchase which document the chain of custody of the wood, and certifying its pre-CITES importation dates.