Repeat customers are the heartbeat of an Instrument Repair Business.  The following endorsements are unpaid kudos from actual Francis Guitar Repair customers.

  • “Kirby is the man! His skills and knowledge are the best in the business. I strongly recommend him !”

    ~James C.

    “Strongly Recommend”
  • “Kirby was a joy to work with. He restored an old and somewhat beat up banjolele I found at a flea market, and it’s now a thing of beauty. His work was high quality, his charges quite reasonable, and his customer service skills were impeccable. I’m delighted to be able to play this little gem, and would happily recommend Kirby to anyone looking for a skilled luthier.”

    ~Maureen W.

    “A joy to work with”
  • “A skilled craftsman with a deep understanding and love of the instruments he cares for. Top notch!”

    ~ Kathy R.

    “A skilled craftsman”
  • Kirby is an incredibly talented and detailed luthier. When the bridge started lifting off of my acoustic, Kirby got it sounding better than it ever has. Not only did he fix the problem, he explained exactly how it happened and gave me tips on how to keep my guitar in great shape. Kirby’s skill is only surpassed by his professionalism and attention to detail. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

    ~Jeff Ward

    “Talented and detailed luthier”
  • Kirby does excellent work. He is also, importantly, a very good communicator and listens to you carefully. He is very knowledgeable about the different woods and has great respect for older instruments. He has done some great work for me.

    ~Tom O’Carroll
    Tom O’Carroll

  • Exquisite workmanship. Highly knowledgeable. I learned more about tone and resonance in an hour than the whole rest of my life put together. Highly recommended. My banjo sounded so much better after he worked on it. It was like a different and much higher quality instrument.


    ~John Callahan

    “It was like a… higher quality instrument”
  • “Over the years, I have trained dozens of luthiers/guitar techs through my guitar setup and repair course. From the first few sessions onward, I found Kirby to be extremely gifted, creative, intuitive and conscientious. These traits are essential in our discipline.

    In addition to his prowess with stringed instruments, Kirby is a master woodworker and helped me suss out a few thorny guitar-related issues.

    The luthiers I have trained are my legacy. The best of them will carry on the tradition of excellence I have worked so hard to create. I am proud to have helped instill this work ethic in Kirby and highly recommend Francis Guitar Repair to take care of your stringed instruments.”

    ~ DJ Parsons – Master Luthier

    Parsons Guitar Repair & School

    “Highly Recommend”
  • What can I say about Francis guitar repair? I’ve dealt with a number of music shops and luthiers over the years, and as a gigging musician I can say there is a lot of trust required to let someone work on your instrument/s. Kirby is one of the nicest and most professional people I have dealt with in the business.

    He went above and beyond what was asked of him and did it all for a really reasonable price. I asked him to swap out the neck on a rather well loved, read beat up, Banjo and in addition to fixing the new neck he cleaned the hardware and head, fixed the head tension, pointed out a future issue while there was still time to fix the issue, and returned in what I can only describe as perfect condition. The action and intonation were better then factory setup and I truly lack the words for the increase in sound clarity and quality. Do yourself a favor and let Francis guitar make you sound better!

    ~ Patrick Putnam

    The Gobshites


    The kilmainham three

    “Better than factory setup”
  • “Kirby did some work on a Martin/Sigma guitar I purchased at a yard sale recently, and I was very pleased. He replaced the plastic nut for one made of bone and also set the action, making it very playable.”

    ~ Steve Kercher, professional musician

    “I was very pleased”