For Sale!

Instruments for Sale:

Occasionally, Francis Guitar Repair comes across a fixer-upper, or builds something new in the spirit of, “Let’s give this a try.”  When it’s time to part with those instruments, you’ll find them for sale here.

[no instruments for sale at the moment]

*Consignments:  At the moment, we are not accepting consignment instruments.  We do offer appraisal services, where we will look over your instrument, alert you to any issues you may be handing off to the next buyer (and how to disclose them if you choose not to repair them), and do market research in multiple channels to give you a sense of the price range you could reasonably expect.

Dealer Relationships:

Francis Guitar Repair is proud to partner with a select range of vendors whose products we endorse, and for whom we offer installation, and full warranty coverage.

Please note we are not able to offer internet sales for these products.

Acoustic Pickups

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Why buy my Acoustic Pickup from Francis Guitar Repair, instead of Amazon?

  1. Amazon doesn’t offer installation services.
  2. Amazon can’t make recommendations for your instrument, or troubleshoot problems that might make one solution better than another.
  3. We offer LR Baggs and K&K Sound products at the lowest permitted pricing, so my prices are the same as any other legitimate reseller.
  4. Amazon doesn’t have an instrument in their shop with both pickups installed, which you are welcome to try before making a decision!
  5. Shopping locally is much appreciate by small businesses 🙂


Francis Guitar Repair is happy to recommend Strings by Mail for your string needs – especially those hard-to-find sets.  Tell them Francis Guitar Repair sent you!

Strings By Mail