Our Side of the Workbench: Chris Himmel

A Shaker Box Maker working at his craft.One of the many joys of being a luthier is the collaborative and friendly nature of your colleagues.  As it turns out, fretted instrument repair techs aren’t the only ones who are eager to share their experience.  It’s a joy to share the talent and experience of these instrument repair folks, who take great pride and pleasure in their ability to enhance your instruments of self-expression.

We caught up with Chris Himmel, owner and repair tech at Himmel Musik, who specializes in, “the service and repair of band instruments for the school, student, and amateur/semi-professional player.” Continue reading “Our Side of the Workbench: Chris Himmel”

The Samick, Part 1

Picture of a Samick Acoustic Guitar

Do you remember your first guitar?  If you’re reading this, and haven’t purchased it yet, trust me – you will.  Mark Knopfler, one of my favourite musicians, once described his relationship with his first guitar, “I remember not wanting to let go of it, once I’d got it.”  Some of us never do let go of these “first love” instruments. Continue reading “The Samick, Part 1”