Kirby Francis has been playing stringed instruments for over 25 years.  From High School and College bands with ridiculous names, to churches up and down the East Coast, guitar, mandolin, and harmonica playing have afforded him numerous opportunities to make friends.

Picture of Kirby Francis, owner of Francis Guitar Repair

Kirby quite literally grew up in the Electrical trade, and began working with his father in his family business at the age of 8!  Surrounded by a family of entrepreneurs, he was raised to believe that a business does not have to grow large to make a significant difference in the lives of its customers.  Kirby is proud to be the third generation to put the name Francis on a business, and in a trade for which he has nurtured a life-long passion.

A graduate of the DJ Parsons Guitar Repair School, and a member of the Guild of American Luthiers and the Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans, Kirby makes research the foundation of his repairs.  Guitar Repair is one of the few crafts where centuries-old tradition and up-to-the-minute internet resources are both of value in solving problems.  Years of playing in bands, working for Apple in repairing and supporting electronics products, and experience with fine woodworking all inform the decisions made in caring for each instrument.

Referrals and repeat customers are the cornerstone on which a local business builds, and Kirby deeply appreciates the customers who have referred him to other musicians, and who have written testimonials about how he has helped them enhance the instruments of their self-expression.

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